Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Daily 31, Twinchies & A Garden Gate

It's been so much fun, this dive into the daily creative. Today I played with a bigger bit of cotton base, a cotton gingham that I then layered with sheers and other bits of cotton, stitched it all up and added a few beads. 

I made a trip to the store today, in search of framing ideas for a few of these pieces, but I didn't see anything that really said 'yep.' I think I might instead mount and mat them and just leave them like that. Sort of...floating. More on that later.

With the blizzard howling outside, I had time to do four twinchies for my Tuesday play. Cotton 2x2 squares as base, bits of sheer scarves and tulle, and punched up further with tiny tiger eye beads that I forgot I had, rediscovered when I made an attempt to clean up the studio.

And finally, what will be my work for the remainder of the snow-strewn day, The Garden Gate, which has already been edited from this first image.  I found some lovely bugle and seed beads while shopping this morning, and after deciding on a fabric color, (which is now glass blue 28ct. Monaco from Charles Craft) I also changed up the thread colors. 

Now off to poke some serious holes in the tips of my fingers!

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