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  1. Help please! I am attempting to do the "silk tie dye transfer" that you reference from Quilt Arts Mag 2010 but don't have the magazine. If it's infringing on copywrite laws, could you please help me.
    I want to transfer onto a 8x72 blank Habatoi silk scarf
    1: do I deconstruct the ties (take out the lining)?
    2: can i cut the ties into pieces?
    3. when I fold the scarf in half, and I've cut up the tie pieces, should I have "right side up" on both sides of the 8x72?
    4. i've laid it on muslim: what size should the muslim be?
    lot's of ??? can you help?
    Please email me at

  2. opps! I meant to say, "... if it's NOT infringing"


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