Sunday, February 8, 2015

thinking about art challenges

I just love the art challenge. Currently, I am participating in two. The first, a weekly "Twinchie" challenge to create a 2" x 2"  piece.  The other is my second year in the February Daily Art Challenge.

I really like how these challenges push me to create-- to think outside of my usual box. They give me focus and allow me an outlet to explore some things I might not otherwise carve some time out to work with. There are so many things that I have wanted to try over the years. Techniques, materials, research; and I think most importantly, that it is okay if something is an epic fail. Not everything that is made is something that I am a'okay with. It's about the process and about trying new things and seeing what works and what I should just let the experts do-- and admire their work instead!

I've found a direction with my daily challenges for February.  Again, here's where the focus thing comes in for me. So often I can be so ...scattered. I'm typically all over the place because I want to try this and this and this. I've tied the weekly Twinchies into this direction as well.

Where is she going with this, you ask?

Well, I think I am going to set up a monthly challenge for myself. Each month, something different. Some might be a daily challenge, but more than likely it will be a weekly thing, or maybe twice a week. I am going to choose things that I have wanted to try, setting each month's challenge to be something loose and flexible-- and fun!

So, here is what I'm thinking for the next couple of months anyhow.

February-- continued daily challenge for the February Daily, and the weekly Twinchies.
March-- Weekly Twinchies & Soft Sculpture Art Dolls (Weekly)
April-- Weekly Twinchies & Cloth Flowers (2x weekly)

There you have it. My madness.

To be continues.

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