Monday, February 9, 2015

Day 9 of the February Daily Art Challenge.  I am still moving in the direction I have been most of the month.  The pieces generally are 4" x 4", made up of scraps with handstitching. I am striving to make them organic in feel, a little whimsical and with lots of interesting-- and maybe even unexpected color palettes. 

Creating these has provided a great start to my day. 

Over the weekend I made a trip to pick up a few supplies, including the threads to start on the new quilt block design. However, I ran out of beads for a few tidbit orders, so now I need to head on out to pick those up, which is always dangerous as I'm in a stash building mood and I just know I'll come home with more than the beads I'm needing.

I guess I could find myself with far worse vices, although I think beads are just as addictive sometimes!

Attitude of Gratitude 
Having the freedom to create
New books from favorite authors, renewing my love of the written word
Finding new inspiration 

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