Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Day 10 & Weekly Twinching

Today's challenge piece was created with a 4" x 4" cotton base, layered with sheers from my recycled scarf collection.  The stitching was made with cotton thread.  I am really having fun with this line of creation, and can't wait to put all of the daily pieces together some how. 

This is my weekly "Twinchie", a 2" x 2" piece made with a cotton square (which I'm looking at and thinking that it is a little uneven, but oh well!) Sheer layer and semi-precious stone chips stitched with cotton and metallic threads. 

Now I'm off to put down some stitches on Squared.  Made a fair amount of progress on the model last night, and hope to have enough done by the end of the day to share a few images.

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