Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Day 11 Challenge

Wanted something colorful today as the wind is howling and the skies are smattered with too much grey.  Today's piece is a 4" x 4" composition of cotton scraps and sheers, hand stitched. I am just having so much fun with these, and I just love the progression.  

Have some crocheting to do today, a whole bunch of printing for clubs and distributors, and then I hope to dig back into the model for Squared.  I need to get as much done in the next couple of days as I can, as my little brother and sister-in-law are coming for a visit this weekend, and I know there will be little time for stitching!  However, as it has been for as long as I can remember, I always find inspiration to sketch when he is visiting or I am off visiting him. I don't know what it is, but the ideas just flood my head, and I've been known to fill up a fresh sketch book with design ideas whenever we have time together. 

So time to get to it! 

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  1. ahh.. SIBLING Visits... Picked up my kid Sister from the airport yesterday. While she spent about 6 hours catching up with M&D, I was busy packing up parcels and mailing them off to her eldest daughter. Then had to drive her to the train station on her way to stay with her youngest daughter... A *busy* day for me running around, BUT, I did get CHOCOLATES from her out of it all. "Lucky" for her!


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