Friday, November 14, 2014

a return to my snowy roots

This last month I spent a fair amount of time thinking about my designing-- how I started, how my style has evolved and changed, and what I wanted to get back to doing.  I can still remember how I felt when the Snowballz took off back in 2006. It was my first real success as a designer with a line of designs that I never would have imagined to be as popular as they were and still are. 

I decided to return to some of that magic this month, and revisited both the Lil Flakes and the Snowbugz with plans to take another look at the Snowballz by the beginning of 2015. 

Snowbugz Third Swarm
(c)carolynmanningdesigns 2014

Lil Flakes Snowfall #6
(c)carolynmanningdesigns 2014

Now I'm set up to start the January Whiskerkins, Snowflake. These are fun pieces to stitch and I'm having a lot of fun doing one for each month. After the Whiskerkin, I have a snowflake tree that I want to get out, or, I might hold on to that one for next year. A lot will depend on how quickly I am able to finish up Snowflake.  The tree isn't necessarily a holiday-themed piece, but more wintery, so it might still be suitable for this year. Time will tell! 

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