Saturday, November 8, 2014

evolving backstitch

I have always been a stitcher who did not mind backstitching. I know there are those out there might hiss at me for that.

When I first started designing, I found myself very rigid in the placement of those outlining stitches. I never skipped a hole, The backstitching went all the way around every edge. Sometimes it gave a piece a very hard edge, which, in some cases was alright.

If you look at Lenny here, one of my Snowballz from 2006, the backstitching doesn't miss a beat. Around each 'x' of the nose and scarf for example. Lenny is still one of my favorite designs from that first batch of snowmen, but I look at him now and wonder what he might have looked like if I had been backstitching with a looser, sketchier...needle.

Here is one of the new Snowbugz that I finished today. The backstitching is looser, It reminds me of my original sketches done with a fine-tipped sharpie marker. It feels like I'm drawing with a marker now when I do the outlines of these newer pieces. I like the feel of it, and I think it brings these characters to life.

Another example, one of the new Lil Flakes. I think some of his whimsical quality would have been lost if I tried to design the backstitching as I did in the past.

Just thinking about this as I watch cheesy sci-fi movies and stitch through my afternoon. 

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  1. Actually, I kinda like how you do that... The Lines give the Characters more animation and definition. A sorta "paint-by-stitches" feel... Not to mention, being rather *helpful* to the Visual-Imaginationally-Challenged out there that really DO need all of the "clues" they can get!


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