Friday, September 19, 2014

rewilding bits

I went for an extended walk out at Williams Nature Conservatory today, walking the North Loop and the Perry Road. It was terribly windy, had a couple of real 'we're not in Kansas' moments. It made taking pictures interesting as the canopy was doing this crazy dance above me and most landscape pictures I was taking were blurry. Changed my plan, then. Decided to concentrate on the little things.

It feel to the ground in a slow flutter, and then was picked up time and time again by the wind until it finally settled right by my foot.

This is exactly how I found this still life. It appears that I arrived right after the squirrels had brunch.

This is a little blurry as the wind was having a good time with it. Large leaf, that was like some sail on a boat. I looked closer at it and found that sail to be full of holes.

Moss has always been a wonder to me. Especially when I find it growing on a huge boulder like this.

There were quite a few of these crackling underneath my feet.

I just liked this.

Autumn color. Love it.

Oak leaves that caught my eye.

Thistles always catch my eye. These were as tall as I am, and that's saying a lot as I am over six foot. For a long time, I always thought of thistles as being these prickly things that made running barefoot as a kid a pain. Mowed them off in the yard. But when left to grow? Stunning. In all stages of life.

I have been taking a lot of inspiration from nature lately-- even more than I normally do! 
This month of "rewilding" has been good, and something I intend to continue with even after September has expired.

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