Friday, September 12, 2014

A Garden For Sissy

It is finished. A Garden For Sissy, my tribute piece to my friend Sharon who recently passed after a long battle with cancer.  A portion of pattern sales will be sent to the American Cancer Society in her honor.  

I'm now working on the November Whiskerkin design, and am pleased with how it is coming along so far. Making a few edits along the way, but all in all the pattern has remained as I had originally designed it.  Once I have finished this one, I have a new embellished piece in the first stages of design. I keep changing my mind with a few things or I would have it charted already!

I find myself picking up the hook a lot, too.  I am having so much fun making "tidbits" that I even started a club for individuals to get samples of the different flower embellishments each month. (See the website for details. ( CM Designs ) A few of the new ones have been received quite well, which only prompts me to keep hooking! 

Now I'm off to poke a few more holes in the tips of my fingers.

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