Saturday, December 7, 2013


Lots of stitching going on here this weekend.  I don't think I will have this model done by the end of it, but I should be pretty close.  There are more stops and starts, color changes and counting with this one, and it is a bit of a departure from how I usually design. A bit more complex. I have thoroughly enjoyed working through the model though, and while I rarely frame my models for my own enjoyment, this one might just make it to a special space on one of my walls. 

I also put down another wash of color on my experimental piece.

Now I need to decide which way to go next. It's currently a bit too Easter-eggy for my taste. I really wanted to achieve a more earthy feel. Maybe I can still get there with another round of stitching.  But for now? Off to see to some lunch. And to see if I can find the will to wander out into the booger freezing day we've found set out in front of us. 

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  1. ohh..*BUCK-UP*, GIRLFRIEND!! Unless it's MINUS whatever F, just stick a Toque on IT!
    I've been shopping around in 14F all day... The SUN was "OUT"!!


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