Wednesday, December 4, 2013

play on a snowy day

It's snowing. Sleeting. Something in between the two. The skies cannot seem to make their mind. A day off and all my errands taken care of before the weather went wonky, so I decided to move on with a free form embroidered piece I has started last week.

Embroidered bits stitched.

First round of watercolor wash with watercolors and water soluble crayons.

This is still wet, so I'm sure some of it will lighten up. I might dig into this with fabric markers, too.

Too grey out to try and photograph anything else today. Maybe later it will lighten up. For now, I'm off to crochet a bit, I think. Some flowers and leaves I need to get started on for an Etsy customer's special order. First I need coffee. I just realized that I've yet to put a pot on and it's time for lunch!

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  1. ha! See WHAT happens when you "wish" for WEATHER!? - I'm expecting freezing rain crap tonight and more yukkiness tomorrow, WHEN I *WANT* TO SHOP!! argh!

    Anyhoo, I like what you're doing with THIS... Interesting...


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