Monday, December 2, 2013

more stuff.

What a productive and relaxing weekend.  After putting down a few more flowers on the new design, (which I am falling in love with more and more with each x I make!) I shuffled through some sketches and stitched up two little 4" hoops.

I doodle a lot. I've a shoebox full of little images that I've done over time, some on scraps of paper, some on napkins, old envelopes. Not only did I find joy in sifting through the illustrations (stirred up a few memories!) I reminded myself just how much I enjoyed the simple stitch. Quite meditative, and the end result made me smile.

Not only do I have a shoebox of paper scraps, I have two more filled up with what were meant to be quilt blocks in a wide variety of colors and patterns. I picked them up at a thrift store, and they were poorly cut. I've played with them off and on, but finally nabbed a few bits that called to me and made these fabric brooches. 

Worked with both my sewing machine and with hand embroidery, embellished with a few beads. 

Getting myself pumped up for a Creative 2014.  I've dropped one of my part time jobs (I am -so- not meant to work retail) and in doing so, I've freed up some time to reacquaint myself with my right brain. We've sort of lost contact over the last year!

Now off with me! More flowers to x and a bit of icy weather moving in that I need to get ready for.


  1. PUL-LEEZE Tell me that you're *still* with "M"..?!

    1. Nope, I gave M up. Just couldn't do the retail thing. The store discount wasn't worth the heartburn!


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