Sunday, December 1, 2013


An unexpected day off has left me getting my 'create' on. Have spent the morning with my coffee and some good animation on television starting with How To Train Your Dragon rolling into Kung Fu Panda. That got me started.  Now I'm listening to my Golden Girls in the background while I update my pages. Some serious stitching going on this morning. Finished up a hoop for Etsy and started laying down stitches on the model for my new floral heart design. 

This stitching is a bit rough around the edges, really rather random. I used a sketch I had made on a napkin as my inspiration, and I tried to stick as close to the sketchiness of the image as I could while stitching.  The fabric is a linen napkin from my stash of this and that, pieces I picked up a various thrift shops and flea markets thinking "hmm, this still has purpose."  

Now, back to needle and thread, she said with a grin.


  1. Your stitching is so beautiful.
    Greetings Grit

  2. Well, so far, I've just been doing some tidying shovelling... Been light snowing and only had a couple inches of powder to do, but did some roof-line scraping.. while I could! Gonna be feeling THAT later on when I'm doing my Stitchiness...
    BTW, don't think we didn't "notice" *Today's* NAME CHANGE!

  3. Yeah, Shan...I know...~rolling my eyes~ I'm taking my friend Rachel's advice....and getting all of my artiness on the same path...made a lot of sense! No snow or ice here yet...wish there was, the snow part anyhow!


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