Tuesday, September 11, 2012

stitching & 'to do' lists

I am wondering when it got so out of hand...that 'to do' list.  Actually, the list I have now it a list compiled of many other lists-- sticky notes, scraps of paper, things scribbled on the back of a receipt or three. I put it all together this morning and went....GAH!

Half of my printing done, would have done more but I ran out of paper. I could have sworn I had one more ream of paper under the desk. Hmmm.  So I added paper to the shopping list for this afternoon, and sat down to stitch for awhile. This new design is a return to one of my favorite collections, The Flakey Friends. Here is today's progress.

Flakey Friends "Tangled" CM Designs 2012

I have a little time before I have to leave for the afternoon, so I think I will shift gears and pick up something slow and easy, or maybe I'll go a bit further with the cheesecloth.  It's hot today. I shouldn't have to run my air in September. Bah. I'm having a hard time finding motivation today, a day that I really need to be focused. 

Tomorrow I have a trip to the woods and a visit with my tree planned.  Needing a little grounding, I think. Getting my arms around something green should help in that, I think!

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