Saturday, September 8, 2012

stitches & cheesecloth

As I have  continued to sort my new creative space, finding more boxes of this, that, and so many other things, I ran across a small stash of cheesecloth that I had forgotten I had. Why exactly I had it, I cannot recall. I believe it was picked up on one of my thrift shop adventures- one of those "take it home, you will find a use for it one day" kind of purchases.

I picked it up, pushed the threads around a few times with a tentative finger's tip, and went...hmmmm....

...and here is where it went from that bit of contemplation...

Oh, the visions I have for this piece. I will be working on it for awhile this afternoon and see how the web evolves.  Yesterday also found me working on another of the free from cross stitched pieces.

A scrap of pink jobelan stitched with a variegated hand dyed silk thread. This one is a little bigger than the others I have done, but I am really in love with this particular pattern.  Not to mention, stitching with silk again was just a positively yummy experience. 


  1. I love the cross stitch work! Pattern & colours are really good ☺ Mii, x

    1. Thank you! I am really having fun with these little 'stitch from my head' pieces. Great way to use some of the smaller bits of fabric and threads that I seem to accumulate!


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