Friday, September 7, 2012

from the dye pot

I wrapped up old nails and old safety pins with the cotton cloth, stuck it in my dye pot with vinegar for 24 hours and this was what I found when I took the pieces out this morning. I am tickled! 

I find it curious how something with the strength of metal can produce such softness.

Surprised by the blue, but then the nails were not rusted and this was the color that vinegar pulled from the metal.  It leaves me excited to see what other kinds of old nails and wire and metal bits might do. 

I am really quite pleased with the softness, the liquid feel of these.  They fall into what I have been contemplating lately, the movement of water, the unpredictability of that movement. Ever changing. 

And here is a bit of what I am creating this morning as my stitching warm up.
I need to make a trip to today to pick up the threads I am missing to start on Flakey Friends Tangled.
And that is the plan for this afternoon!

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