Wednesday, September 19, 2012

slow stitching

Even though I already have so many pieces started, I felt the need to at least patch this one together so I might dream about it for awhile before I start it. The cotton subtly dyed with metals, tea, and natural materials, or just given character by the stains that come with wear. When I first dyed the old sack cloth, I was somewhat grumbly about how washed out it still felt. But...

I started to tear it and weave it and watched the barely there color flow into the next

I see this piece growing slowly, a stitch at a time. One of those pieces that I will pluck away at in those wee hours when I find my mind just wandering, craving something with less structure and more freedom.

I am debating the color or colors I might work with. The first vision I had was red. 
But then, I put a blue and a terra cotta against it. Hmmm... 

More on this as it progresses....

Now I'm off to back stitch! 
I think...
unless this beautiful worn out thing starts singing again.

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