Tuesday, September 18, 2012

cotton and thoughts on embroidery

 A stop at the thrift shop yesterday gifted me with a few squares of cotton and linen
I have a few thoughts tumbling through my head as to what they will be used for, but as usual, they were purchases made more with the 'I just flat out like them' mentality.

I am in the process of breathing new life into  the Snowball of the Month cross stitch designs from 2007, reworking them into embroidery patterns.  Hoffman Distributing Company is now distributing more embroidery and quilting things, which tickles me, and I have wanted to expand my designing for awhile now, moving in a few other directions besides cross stitch.  These 12 patterns seem a natural place to start.
I am currently working through April and May, and hope to be stitching the first models of these by the weekend.  

Starting the backstitching tomorrow on Tangled, and hope to have the piece done by the weekend as well!

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  1. Lucky you! I spy some Laura Ashley fabric here!!! ☺


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