Friday, September 21, 2012

under Amel's watchful eye

This morning I worked for awhile on this bit of cloth.  I listened carefully to see what it wanted me to do, what it thought it was meant to be.  I felt such a tug lately, to mend and make right and remember. Today as I stitched, I was taken back to a time as a child when I had this worn out old blanket-- holes, frayed edges, broken stitches, faded and falling apart-- but it was comfort. It was what I would tuck beneath my cheek when I went to sleep at night, or curl beneath with a book or one of the various stories in my head.

"That is what I am meant to be,"  it told me.

And so, under the watchful eye of Amel, (Jasper was busy guarding the orts) I continued to stitch, waiting to see if there was a particular story that I needed to stitch into the cloth. 

We will see what whispers come to me as I continue to work.

Dye pot that is cooling now.  Tea dye and flowers and greens cleaned out of the flower beds in the last handful of days. I am anxious to unwrap these later today.

Meanwhile, a little more backstitching to do on Tangled.

And another pot of coffee to consider.

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  1. *Mine*, was my "WANNEE"... [I was probably the "inspiration" for LINUS!] - A cotton-yarn woven "receiving" Blanket. Rumour has it that IT was originally Blue. My earliest memories are of IT being a Greyish-PINK cuddly-terry-worn fragment. By school-age, IT would be under my covers, keeping my toes warm! I had IT until I was about 10!

    Anyway, "IT" was the inspiration for MY crocheted cotton-yarn Blankets. To be washed to death after constant Kid-Cuddles! -- My almost 13 year old Great-Niece *still* has Hers! Surprisingly still INTACT!


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