Thursday, September 6, 2012

free form & dye experiments

Yesterday I pulled two pieces of old flour sack towel out of the dye pot, and grumbled a little bit as they had picked up some of the color from the plant matter I had wrapped inside of them, but I did not have the results I had hoped for.

However, there were a few spots that picked up this really cool black, and after I looked closely, I discovered it wasn't from any bit of plant, but rather from the safety pins that I had secured the fabric with! So, I thought....let's try something.

and back into the dye pot we go, set outside in the sun, metal already rusting, so let's see what happens.

This morning I have stitched for awhile, another of the small antique motif experiments. These pieces are so relaxing to stitch. They just unfold, my needle wandering as I work. I have no real idea where I will end up, and that is quite freeing. I'm trying to break out of this structured space I somehow got stuck in, and these small bits are helping in that.

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