Wednesday, September 5, 2012

water at night finished

It has been a good week.  Things finished, new ideas blossoming, so many things that I should find myself overwhelmed, but instead I am immensely inspired. This piece, Water At Night, started out as simple exploration, and it flowed from there, much as water would, or stars shooting across the sky at night.  

I am happy with how it finished, and I think that I will play with a few more scraps in days to come. There is something incredibly meditative about laying down stitches in this manner. Imperfect, random, and yet very repetitive.  Time just flowed, and it brought me focus. 

Also completed, the first experiment with the Sajou cross stitch pattern. I am envisioning these smaller pieces as pincushions or maybe small bags for crystals, runes and tarot cards.  I have another piece of this fabric left, and I think I will stitch another variation of this with one of DMC's Color Variations in muted celery and mossy greens.

Today I need to see to some of the "busy business work", printing, emails, the things that I have put off because I could not set the stitching aside. But then, with coffee in hand, I think a little time on the deck will be called for. Autumn is upon us, and the air sings with it.

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