Saturday, September 29, 2012

a busy week

It's been a busy week.  A lot of business stuff to finish up which ate up a good chunk of the early week, but I did find time to putz with a few things as I try and get myself ready for a few craft shows. I've scaled back on the number of shows I am participating in this year, as I still haven't found the extra few hours a day I needed!

I have finished a good chunk of Henry Heartfelt, with more stitches to come this afternoon...

And I got out the hook again, feeling the need to whip up a few hats, this one embellished with one of my cross stitch buttons.  Still playing with the design of this hat. And its an acrylic and wool blend, not my favorite to work with, (as I prefer natural fibers) but for shows around here more economically priced yarns are better received.

I need to get the sketchbook out too, as I've some new designs tumbling around in my head, inspired by some color palettes I came across and Indian art.  I'm also feeling a really big pull toward samplers since I've been doing some embroidery, so there might be some of that coming as well.

Now off for coffee, vampire and lycan movies, and a bit of stitching. 


  1. Ooo, CUTE!

    BTW, just curious... What's your price range? And, how much do you think I should charge on mine? For now, I'm thinking $25. and $30. on the two styles. My "cost" price per is under $4. - it just takes me *forever* to do!


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