Saturday, October 6, 2012

odd red birds & cross stitched snowflakes

I've been thinking a lot about him lately. Why, I'm not sure. It's not the anniversary of anything. He crosses my mind a lot anyhow, but the last few weeks, even more. I hung this in my hall when he was still alive. I would walk past it and shake my head, sometimes, I will admit, thinking it was the ugliest bit of latch hook rug I had ever in my life seen.

Now it is one of the most precious things I could ever own.

I'm surprised though that the cardinal ended up red and not orange, as I am quite certain there was brandy to be had when the yarn was sorted. Love you, Dad.

Also working diligently, hooking hats and now taking a break from that today as I have *gasp* run out of yarn. Yes, a trip somewhere or many-wheres is in order today!

Stitching now for the rest of today, trying to finish up Herbert Heartfelt by the end of Sunday. Blustery enough day, one I am quite sure was created to be...well, creative!

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  1. Hello I am new to your blog. Please check out mine if you get a chance. It looks like you are so close to finishing the heartfelt piece. I know you can do it and finish it soon! Cardinals are special to me too as they remind me of my Grandma who is also no longer with us.


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