Sunday, August 26, 2012

water at night scaled down

When revisiting the Water At Night concept this morning, I found that a night away from it changed my mind completely, which wasn't really that big of a surprise.  I took apart what I had pinned together yesterday. As I was sorting through bits of this and that, I found some scraps of silk tie left over from my silk to silk dyeing.  I started to lay things out on a smaller scale, and this is where I arrived by the end of the morning.

Now I'm off to either work a little longer on this one and then finish up my plate of grape tomatoes and chunks of smoked cheddar cheese. I think I'm going to dig into the new cross stitch design this afternoon.  I've reworked the pattern a few times now, and I *think* it's ready for the first stitches.

Whatever I finally do settle in to work, it looks to be another wonderfully productive day.

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