Saturday, August 25, 2012

water at night

It has been a good day. Not only has it left behind some much needed rain (I can hear my flowers and herbs singing from inside the house!) I had left over stuffed green peppers for my lunch and a whole lot of tea, both which just seemed to fit the day perfectly.

I finished the last cross stitched block of the quilt design I am doing for Irish Quilting Magazine, and now I need to start on the traditional applique blocks.  This evening I think I will gather my things to start on the Changing Seasons tree, or maybe a few new charts.

This morning when the rain was pit-pattering on the window, I worked on a piece that has been inspired by water at night. It is in the very early stages, and will probably, oh, alright, it *will* change several times before it is completed, but I want to journal each step and each change of the process.  With the rain, the lighting was goofy, so I had to take vertical shots rather than horizontal.

Fabrics used so far are recycled and thread bare denims, old flannels and a few bits of wool.

One more week of extended hours at the group home, and then I will be settling into days of creating with shorter hours outside of the studio. I enjoy my work outside of the house, but I am really, really, really (really!) looking forward to having more time to create.

Oh, and have I mentioned lately how much I like to crochet and felt flowers?  Meeps!

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