Saturday, July 28, 2012

So I had all these big plans for the weekend...

...big plans, and while I *have* knocked off a few of the things listed on the list-o-projects-to-complete-this-weekend, namely the two pillows that I needed to get done for my cousin's granddaughter and granddaughter on the way and editing the next cross stitch pattern,  I now find myself  trying to get my stitching groove on.  I find myself instead web-wandering and wishing I either had another pot of coffee brewing or a bottle of brandy at my disposal. However, if I had the brandy, I doubt the stitching groove would amount to much, other than a need-to-rip-out-mistakes marathon tomorrow. :/

Maybe I will forgo the other plans I had for today, go out and get a cup of coffee and settle in to read. I've a couple books to read before the release of two new books in August from my favorite authors, one of which I have been waiting for for years now. I am a bit behind on my 60 Books In 2012 goal. 

Maybe a few chapters will spark my want for needle and thread a little later on tonight. 

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