Thursday, July 26, 2012

freeform embroidered scarf & sketchy stuff

While working on my starry-night-meets-coral-reef scarf, I discovered a couple of tiny holes. With the fabric being what it is and what I wanted to do with this piece, darning the holes wasn't an option. SO. I worked one as an eyelet hole, and another, and pretty soon I was cutting more holes on purpose.  There is a ton of scarf surface left to stitch, but I am quite pleased with how this is coming along. 

I was at doctor's appointment this morning with my son, and while he was in visiting with his doctor, I sat and doodled. I'm not sure why these two came to mind, but I've a few others of them as well in recent pen scratchings. Kind of rough, but it feels good to be doing some random sketchy kinds of things. 

This guys eyes got way out of hand, but I was kind of digging the 'stache. 

Now I'm off to finish up block 3 of the Irish Quilting Magazine piece, and to look through fabric swatches for the traditional quilt blocks so I can order the fabric. I'm very excited about it!

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