Sunday, July 22, 2012

new from old

This morning I made a pot of coffee, sat outside for a little while as the air was just so wonderful after the thunderstorm we had at some point during the night. I heard the thunder but was just too cozy to roll and look at the clock. It took me awhile to decide what I wanted to do with my day, and I was through the first four-cup coffee pot (granted, my "cup" can almost accommodate one four-cup pot as it is!) before I decided what to putz with.

As mentioned in a post a few days back, I came across this wonderful black scarf at one of our thrift shops.

I have been playing with simple running stitches in a few other slow cloth pieces I've been working with, and decided to do something similar with the scarf.  The tapestry wools I found for a buck a bag at the same thrift store have been calling to me, so I picked a few out and got started.

The scarf is very long and very wrap-able and I am envisioning this sort of a pattern covering the entire thing. Kind of a Van Gogh-ish-Starry-Night thing. Maybe some beads on the tassels.

I want a raggedy, organic, well worn feel with this. I can see it in my mind, now comes the task of trying to translate that to the scarf.

I also started working on the first of two pillows that I am making for my cousin's grandchildren, made from their grandfather's flannel shirts. I made quilts for the boys in past months, and I have just enough left for the new additions.

Yesterday I made my way to the thrift shops. I didn't come away with a lot of things, but I did succumb to the call of a bag of upholstery fabric remnants.

They've joined my growing stack of "Scraps That Have Purpose That Will Become Apparent When I Least Eexpect It" pile.  I've some other things to sort through too, but will do that once I take over my college-bound son's bedroom as sewing room! There will be pictures coming as that transformation takes place! I promised him his bed will still be there when he comes to visit!

Now I'm off to chart some Egyptian border motifs. Or give it a shot, anyhow.

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