Wednesday, June 13, 2012

yummy yarn and pie!

As promised, a couple of pictures of what I started working on last night. While I have no idea where this is going or what will become of it in the end, I am finding that the mystery is the most fun, as each piece that I tuck between the layers ends up looking different than I expected it to before I stitched it into place! I could see a larger piece like this as a window treatment as well, and I think that the weight given by the goodies trapped between the layers would lend itself well to keeping the curtain hanging. Will have to see where my mind takes me on this!

What else did I discover today?  Tin Roof Sundae pie at Baker's Square is really quite delightful.

Website Wandering?  Calamity Kim's Blog.  She has spun some yarns that just had me giggling! And admiring, as I love the idea of spinning and am just in awe of what some artists are doing! This work looks like something you'd see in the window of a candy shop. So light and airy and textured. It caught my eye right away. Love, love!

Aren't they just yummy?!

And then there is this.... Glass Beach.
"It is not the only glass beach created by human activity.  There is another in California (Benicia) and one in the Hawaiian bay of Hanapepe. Most curiously perhaps, there is one that exists at Guantanamo Bay. They are all testament to the power of nature to correct the mistakes made by humanity." (kuriositas, see link above)

Now, off to take the chillin's to the dentist, and I think I shall stop at the greenhouse (which is right across the street from the dentist's office) and get some pretty green and growing things! Only seems right, what with it being right across the street  ;)

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