Sunday, June 17, 2012

sunday musings

Yesterday we celebrated my son's graduation with a nice party at the park near my mom's house. Lots of good food and some family attending that I was happy to see. It was a long day, I'm feeling the affects of it today! I think I need a plate of left over food before I try and start my day.  All in all, I was so happy for Nate as the rain stayed away and he had a nice day with friends and family. 

Next step, his orientation at North Dakota State in a couple of weeks, and then the big move. I'm still not sure how I feel about all of it yet. I'm a little bit of this emotion and a little bit of that, but I am sure it will all sort itself. I do know I am very excited for him, and so proud that he has grown into such a wonderful young man. 

All of the festivities have put a stop to working on much of anything, although this morning I did organize myself a bit and plan on sitting down to stitch shortly. I want to take full advantage of these next couple of weeks where I have a little more 'me' time to really spend that time on me! I'm feeling a little depleted, and what better way to pep back up then to play with some string?

And in parting, a website I came across today that I plan without doubt to dig deeper into later, Futurecraft Studio. I am really intrigued by weaving, and it lends itself well to my want to become more self-sustaining.

Now, off for coffee and those left overs!

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