Monday, June 25, 2012


Before the Bath

Last week I had picked up some old dish towels that I just knew I would do something with (eventually!) The one that really had me curious was the heavier cotton flour sack towel that had what I assumed to be the residue of grease stains left on it. It just had character, and I couldn't ignore it.

Not to mention the thing was HUGE.

So I cut it in half and started the black tea bath.  I wanted to dye one just as it was to see what might happen to the stains.  The other, I bunched up and tied.

How fun is this?? 
Knotted up, somewhat more traditional 'tie dye' sort of look, but am quite pleased!
Before and After

Tomorrow I am going to try dyeing what is left of this towel with flowers or herbs.  I'm very curious to see if I get a similar result. I know to some this may just look like a dirty towel, but I am really diggin' it! 

While the towel was 'bathing', I also got some stitching done. Really making progress on the quilt for Irish Quilting, and I might work for a bit on Walking Zack after dinner

....or here's a thought, Cari...get the manuscript ready, take a deep breath and send it off to potential agents instead of shaking like a leaf whenever you think about it!...

I may not know what I am doing creatively tonight, but I do know one thing is in order.


“There is no beautifier of complexion.. or form.. or behavior.. like the wish to scatter joy.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson~

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