Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wool! I found wool, lots and lots of wool!

It may be nearly 100 degrees outside, but I didn't mind, nope, not one bit! I made a stop at the thrift shop today. Had this inkling that I should make a pass through. Well, it paid off. Not only did I score a shower curtain and liner for the small bathroom, (much needed, and 50% off today! ), but I also found a whole bunch of aging cotton napkins and towels...

And an almost finished, wonderful needlepoint...

along with all of the wool that was left over

And then I went around the corner of the craft section. Three baskets of yarn to dig through in hopes of wrapping my hands around the ever-elusive ball or skein of wool or cotton. What I found instead were two bags. Two very large and colorful bags of tapestry wools! 

I have a lot of cotton threads, overdyed, 6 strand, perles, and the like to work with, but I really like wool for some embroidered details, and so these little treasures had me bouncing happily behind my cart as I made my way through the shop.  I didn't find any other goodies today, but was quite pleased with the haul I did make! Now off to create!


  1. Sweet! -- BUT, "what" did you Pay for Them..? ;-D

  2. I paid a whole whopping $1 a bag!!


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