Sunday, June 24, 2012

sunday morning bliss

Bliss:  Getting out of bed with the birds just outside my window and slipping outside to snap pictures of what others see as weeds; morning coffee and a bowl of strawberries to nibble on while catching up on blogs and other bits of reading.  And then stitching...and finishing....

Our ghostly friends will be up on the website this afternoon.  Now I have to get things prepped for the next Halloween piece and also Q-snap up the fabric for the celtic quilt.

I've been told I should pull all of this "stuff" out of my yard and the cracks of the pavement. But I really like having all of it around, so I do what I can to leave it be unless I absolutely have to pull it out. (Good thing, it always comes back!)

...and then I snapped a few "herby" shots

Sweet basil is beginning to flower


You can change your story anytime you like. Just start a new chapter and begin again.
 It's your story. 
- Dorothy Mendoza Row

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