Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Father's Daughter

Took a few goodies over to My Father's Daughter Boutique in St. Peter today. What a charming and fun place!  A few of my crochet necklaces and some of the recycled/upcycled pieces are there now. If you are in St. Peter, MN, check out the shop. It's delightful!

I came home and put a few "non-stitchy" things up on on Etsy as well, as I am not sure when I might be able to do any shows with my current work schedule and upcoming projects I've been asked to do.

Domino with vintage postcard bits

Domino and wooden ruler chunk with recycled pages from an old almost destroyed
 book of Greek Mythology.

Piece of wooden ruler with postage stamp

Expandable ruler bit with broken jewelry embellishment

Now I have some other ideas too after talking with Amy at MFD, and I'm anxious to get started! Some scarf dyeing, some boho-themed items--lots of fun!!

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