Friday, April 20, 2012

bits of this n that

A few things tinkered with this morning...some stitching, some crochet, slow cloth and flip-phone-photoshop exercises.  The colors for the cardinal are working out, although I did change them one more time last night before I started on the piece!  Dabbled a little bit with the slow cloth this morning...

...and when at Michaels the other day, I found some of their Lily Sugar & Cream cotton yarn marked $1 a ball and in the primitive colors I wanted for crochet button and bead making, so I picked up three balls. While standing in the checkout line, I glanced to the "discount bin" and found a package of wooden wagon wheels. Well, my own *wheels* started spinning, and I grabbed them for 50 cents and they worked perfectly for these huge delightful earthy boho feel beads....they are really pretty big and would be perfect for a focal bead. I'm going to work with some wire wrapping, or figure out some sort of interesting bail for them. Or, I might crochet or knot together a necklace length. More on that later!

I am really in the mood to sketch today. And its probably a good thing as I've depleted my design ideas and its time to get some new things in order!  Maybe this afternoon while monitoring the after school computer lab. Instead of picking up a magazine, I think I'll grab pencil and scrap paper.

Oh, and finally, I only have two flip-phone-photoshop pieces from yesterday. We were inside during lunch hour, and I really struggled to find anything to snap.  The high school does not have windows, other than those at the front doors. So that was the focus of my snapshots yesterday. meh. Not entirely thrilled with the results.

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