Thursday, April 19, 2012

trying to get organized

I spent the morning making revisions to the cardinal pattern, hoping to get started stitching this evening. I can't seem to get the reds right. You would think it would be simple enough, a cardinal is *red* right? Well, the reds I originally picked were not reading right on the fabric color, so I changed the fabric color but that didn't look right, so I went back to the original color and then went through my thread swatches to get the colors right. I ~think~ I've got it now. Will see when I start putting stitches down.

So then...while going through my floss, I started organizing...and sorting...and thinning out...and I came to realize that I've got too many of the same colors and not enough of others and ...sheeeeesh...I really need to look at what I have before I go out and buy or order more!!

Now it's time to shuffle off to work!  But first, here are the flip-phone-photos from yesterday. A continuation of the -ground- thing, this time, mud! I wanted to turn what is sometimes looked at as a dirty and unsanitary thing into something pretty and appealing. So here they are!

Rainy day! I wish I could be home curled up, reading and stitching. That will be my weekend plans if the weather report holds true!  ~~~~~~~~sliding on out to face the day!  :D

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