Saturday, February 25, 2012

wishing for snow

We still do not have any!  The white, frozen stuff, that is. Yes, I am wishing for snow. Not just to "un-dirty" the landscape, but because I worry for the farmer's this spring. I welcome the sunshine, but a day's overcast with some of the flaky stuff falling would be just as welcomed.

I have been busy with work at the school, so my creative time at home has been limited, but I have been working on a few things off and on, and hope to complete a couple projects over the weekend. This morning has been delightful, and I have made significant progress stitching The Dryad's Tree, and should have it done this evening.

The tree itself is done with one of Kreinik's #4 braids, but the lighting for this picture didn't capture the marvelous shimmer this piece has. I'm very happy with the way it is coming together! This particular design was inspired by a dear friend of mine, Sam,  who has always left me dreaming of dryads and other ethereal beings.  She is recovering from an illness and has been in my thoughts.

I have also been finding ways to use up bits of wool that were too small for any large projects. This first "wallet" was made with wool that I hand dyed and smaller pieces of needlepoint wool that I first crocheted and then felted.  I haven't sewn it together yet at the side seams, and I've not decided just how to fasten it. (The wool flower is not felted, but just crocheted using some of the hand dyed wool). I will post another picture when I've finished it!

For now, I'm off to the coffee shop with my book and a bite to eat. Then back to the Q Snaps!

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