Wednesday, February 29, 2012

okay...we didn't get snow, but rain and ice!

Two hour late start for school today, which means that the kids are still sleeping and I have a couple hours to do a few things this morning as well. Lots of rain yesterday and last night, and it's a bit of a skating rink out there right now. Snow moving in, so maybe *fingers crossed* the two hour late start will become a snow day!

Off to stitch for a little while, hoping to lay down the last bits of The Dryad Tree.  I had thought I would have it done over this last weekend, but I ran out of the braid I was using (or thought I had! I found another half spool earlier this week) and I did some editing on the pattern as well, so a bit of frogging went on.

And in the spirit of trees, a little Wednesday Zen...

Not my own image, but one that came across my facebook  feed from Defenders of Lady Gaia

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