Saturday, March 3, 2012


Finished this morning...finally!...The Dryad Tree.  I stitched my piece on 14ct. hand dyed jobelan aida, Sandcastle, from Wichlet Imports.  The piece uses DMC six strand flosses and one Kreinik #4 braid for the tree trunk and branches.

I have also been researching and experimenting with Irish lace, something that is a departure for me as I have always struggled with small crochet hooks!  But I decided to give it another go around as I have a lot of  crochet thread and perle cottons.  Here is my first attempt!  I worked this flower off the top of my head.

I still need to work a little bit on my tension, but overall I'm happy with the feel of this and am going to make more. This one started as a doily, but as I started working around, it wasn't laying flat, so I just went with the organic feel of it, let it curl where it would.

Next up?  I need to sketch.  Yes, believe it or not, I am out of designs to stitch!  I went to the list of "suggestions" from those who follow my work, and I think I'm going to work on some cute little chubby birds, probably bluebirds and cardinals.  (Thanks, Jackie!)

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