Saturday, January 7, 2012

saturday stitches

The sun is out again today, and it looks like it might shape up to be another out of the ordinary January day in Minnesota!  We still are without snow here, and things are just too dirty and brown for my liking.  The warmer temperatures of course are tolerable. I do not miss the temperatures that leave you frozen to the ground if you pause in your step. I know, I know. We've still got at the very least, three months to make up for what we did not see in December!

This morning I finished charting the next in the tree series, The Emerald Forest.  As its name implies, it is stitched with emerald floss. I worked it with full stitches and then played around with some areas of half stitching.  I ran across a really nice mix of emerald beads that I also used in the last Snowballz design, I *Heart* You.  I think I will use these again with this design.

What I like about the tree designs is that they are so simple, easily adaptable to color changes and embellishment changes.  I also started charting two florals for a series I am thinking about for spring. 

These are fairly large pieces, finishing up around 100w x 80h. I was just really drawn to the colors in these images and they are translating pretty well. Will see what becomes of them!  They may just end up tucked away on the "one day" shelf. 

Back to school on Monday! Very excited...a painting and printmaking class, a drawing class and Ancient Art History. It is shaping up to be a very exciting semester. I cannot wait to get into the studio again!

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  1. ahh.. I love Ancient Art History! I have several yard-sale "find" Tomes that I really *should* get around to Reading! Museum meanderings is also Fun... :-D


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