Thursday, January 5, 2012

ideas for painting & drawing

As I get ready to start another semester of classes, I have been giving some thought to what direction my work will take. I have two semesters left, and a senior exhibit and I've nothing to show yet!  I have been playing with different images of trees, some are photos I took myself and others I have collected from stock photographs. I have a tree in a local nature preserve that I am especially fond of, and I think I might work a little more with images of it through the seasons and in different weather, lighting, etc.  In the meanwhile, this is what I played with today.

These are digitally manipulated images of the same image of dead trees, but I am going to try to do them in acrylic paint, oil or chalk pastels and graphite pencil.

The next three images are from a picture I took of my favored tree, and I think I will explore these further in colored pencil and paint, either water color or acrylic...or both!

I *had* to stop by Michaels today to pick up a few things, so I of course was *forced* to walk through the paints and brushes and canvas (oh my) and I think I added about two dozen new items to my wish list (or the just as soon as you have a 40% off coupon in hand list!)

Now off to pick up the boy from school...weiners and potato chips for supper...and a night of stitching!

oh, and I spent my Christmas money...I'm such a nerd.
I had been looking for-eh-ver for a Ronon Dex (Jason Momoa) action figure. FINALLY the Season 3 set showed up on eBay.  Unopened even! (and look! Sheppard!) Now that might not be a whole lot of fun for me, as I really want to set them in strategic places in my little office/creative space for inspiration and the occasional unscheduled gate activation. I will figure it all out later. Right now, I'm just over the moon that I found them after such a long search!
My sister snatches up Star Wars stuff, me, I'm all about the Gate.


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