Sunday, January 8, 2012

a couple more

In between snowman stitches, I have continued to play around with some floral and abstract "thread paintings". I really liked both of these, but I think I still need to do some editing as they use way too many thread colors for pieces that finish under 100w x 100h.  Yet, in order to achieve the feel of paint, of one color blending into the next, I don't know that I can dump too many of the colors.  The tulips use 80 colors of floss, and the red dahlia uses 72 different colors.  

I had hoped to finish Lil Flakes #4 this weekend, but I was having some inner ear problems yesterday and by the time I started feeling better, I was really not in the mood for anything other than sleep!

I also want to do something with the wool I kool-aid dyed, even though I promised myself that I would set the crochet aside for a time to concentrate on the cross stitch  However, I *do* have time between classes...I think a ball of yarn and a hook might somehow, mysteriously, appear in my book bag!

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