Monday, January 2, 2012

hey hey kool aid

I have wanted to try dyeing some of my own yarn and while I had heard about using Kool Aid as a dye for protein fibers, I had not really considered goofing around with it until a knitting friend of mine mentioned it. Neither of us were sure if it was something that would work! So after doing a bit of research over the weekend, I went and got a skein of natural wool and some Kook Aid packets and proceeded to break the skein into two hanks.  One I dyed on the stove top using a mix of black cherry and pink lemonade with strawberry...

And another I did in the microwave in more of a "hand painted" fashion...

The wool sucked up all the Kool Aid and the water turned clear, and when I rinsed the yarn, no color ran free of it.  It was really quite fun and I look forward to experimenting some more!

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