Thursday, January 12, 2012

this & that

Well, the bottom fell out of the thermometer and we are finally feeling a Minnesota winter, although we are still sorely lacking in the snow department. I've several friends that are being hit pretty hard with the white stuff in other areas. I would gladly take some of it off their hands if I could. Maybe we could work out an even swap of some sort. I hate the cold-cold, but love the snow!

I have finally gotten around to doing something with one of the hanks of wool that I dyed with kool-aid. I think these will be worked into a scarf, or I might felt them, although I am really kind of liking the lacy feel they have now. I purposely left the tails to possible tie them together. I don't know yet. A lot will depend on how many I end up with.

It took me all week,  but I think I have my school schedule figured out.  I dropped my sculpture class because a seat opened up in printmaking. Well,  I didn't look close enough at the number, and it was a class that I really didn't want as it was screen printing and I wanted italiano relief. I just do not have the time to commit to the outside of class stuff that the screen printing class would require, so I tried to find something that would work.  I added German. And then I dropped it. The books wouldn't be available for a week, and I was already a week behind, and every kid...(yes kid) in the class had German in high school and I thought to break into pig latin just to be amusing. It was too much. 

So, I plucked a bit of fluff out of the book.  It's an English class...but one that tugged at me.  Film Studies: Animation  I had the class today and I LOVED it!

And then, the biggest decision of all. 

I have gone back and forth between the BA and the BFA. I finally settled on something completely different that I had not considered before. 

 I am going to tack on one more semester and work on my BS to be an art teacher. 

Stay tuned, as it could change again tomorrow, but I'm feeling pretty good about this. 


  1. You would be an awesome art teacher! AWESOME!

  2. Thank you, Denise! I am really rather excited about this. :)


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