Saturday, December 17, 2011

saturday stitches

I spent the morning editing the newest Snowballz addition, I "Heart" You  and watching "How To Train Your Dragon" (love that movie!).  "Thank you for nothing, you worthless reptile."

Got a good jump on putting down a few stitches too. Mind you, the colors on this are not exactly how it will stitch up as Pattern Maker has its own thoughts as to what a thread color looks like!  The hat and scarf are a mossy variegated blend of greens, one of the DMC Color Variations, and the embellishments on hat and scarf are two different Kreinik #4 Braids.

I never did get motivated enough to hit the thrift shops today, so instead of getting started on the textile composition of one of my earlier sketches, I went browsing through a few more images. 

Old and crumbling architecture catches my eye often. These are a few that I stumbled upon from stock photography sites.  I have long thought to go out and take my own pictures of old barns and other abandoned buildings, not so much for the actual building but because of the lines and spaces, the textures.  

Maybe that will be one more thing I will add to my 2012 List.

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