Monday, December 19, 2011

abstract cross stitch concepts

Late last night and this morning I spent some time working on a few abstract concepts for cross stitch. They are based on pastel drawings I had done some time ago tangled up with my more recent fascination with circles and metals.  I had originally thought to work with textiles and take a slow cloth approach to my translations, but after putzing around last night and waking in the middle of the night with more thoughts about it, I thought I might try some of this with my first love, cross stitch!
cm designs copyright 2011

cm designs copyright 2011

cm designs copyright 2011
These have charted up much like I paint.  There are a lot of colors involved, on average 40 per piece. The pieces are small, but I think that they will be all the more dynamic because of the number of colors.  They are definitely a departure from my usual whimsical stuff!  More to come, but for now I am off to finish up a hat on snowman and wait for the mailman....I need my plastic bags so I can finish up a few pattern orders for a patient customers!

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