Friday, December 16, 2011

odds & ends

It has a busy, productive week.  In an effort to locate my dining room table again, I decided to finish up a few projects and make some progress on a few others.  The felted cover to the art journal I was making has been sitting on the table since finals week, so that was my first task.  With old sheet music gesso'd and some other recycled newsprint torn and ready, I finally put the thing together


I liked the end result so much that I think I am going to keep this one. I rarely create for myself, but this piece just really resonates with me. I needed something to take with me to the woods to keep my sketches and my thoughts sorted,  and I think I have found it!

I found a camel colored wool scarf with little flecks of cranberry and wedgewood blue speckled through it at the thrift shop last week.  In the spirit of slow clothing and giving new life to things set aside, I started working with the wool roving I had, needle felting multi-colored leaves along one edge. Where it will go from here, I am not quite certain, but this is where I am at so far.

There might be some embroidered stems added soon, or maybe some woolen threads woven in.

Yesterday I made a trip to Lakeville for a Watch Me Draw meeting.  Traffic cooperated, and there wasn't the road construction I anticipated so I arrived pretty early.  I found a coffee shop, and decided to get warm (the wind was a butt chiller yesterday!) and maybe do some sketching. Well, I got my coffee, sat down, and reached into my purse that  I always have a sketchbook tucked within. Hmm. No sketchbook. Next best thing?


I got to thinking about my previous blog entry. About metal and circles and translating all of that to cloth. Now to raid my stash and see if I have anything  to get started or if I have to (insert feigned sigh of disappointment here) go out and look through all the old clothing and fabrics, textiles and linens at our thrift shops!

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