Friday, December 30, 2011

light in the woods

On one of my many wanderings about Rasmussen Woods,  I snapped a few pictures of the sun coming in through the tops of the trees.  

I have started looking at some of the pictures for a variety of reasons; to ready myself for my upcoming painting and drawing classes, (even my printmaking class!), to keep working on some of my digital painting skills, and to see what I might piece together for future needlework projects. 

Most know of my fascination with trees. They are often the subject matter of my sketching and I have folders filled with pictures I have taken and others I have come across in my web wanderings. 

This morning I found myself well into coffee pot #2 playing around with these images, first in Photoshop and Illustrator, and then in Pattern Maker.  Kind of weird and different, but I'm kind of diggin' the results.

Cross Stitch Version

 (I really liked this one!)
Cross Stitch Version

It is finally snowing!  Not the big fluffy flakes, but hey, at this point, being through December with nothing on the ground, I will take whatever I can get!  Off to stitch for awhile, and then I might just go tromp around in the wonderful white stuff!

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  1. Ooo! I like that one too! Very Graphic-Novel-esque! At any moment Bullwinkle will peek around the Edge... ;-D

    BTW.. the "Snow" bit..? *CAREFUL* what You WISH for, Kiddo! I've done enough Shovelling this week! There's another Inch down that I should have done and we're getting freezing rain on top of it! ENJOY Your GREEN!!


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