Saturday, December 31, 2011

new year's eve

First there was booming thunder and lightning.
Then rain. RAIN!  
(I had to double check my driver's license just to make sure I was where I thought I was)
Minnesota, December 31st. 
Last year? 40 inches of snow by December 28th, 2010.

And then, just when I thought about getting the lawn chair and summer clothing out from the back of the closet...

Big beautiful wind driven fluffy wet flakes! 

Things have been set right once more.

(I know, Shan...shhhhhh! be careful what you wish for!)

Productive day...finished a piece and should have it photographed tomorrow. I finished up the first draft of my novel that I started for the NaNoWriMo challenge.  Researched vendors for natural yarn for dyeing as I am going to  play around with some natural dyes in the new year. (And I think I have a couple of pals that will be willing to try out the yarn and give me an unbiased opinion as to its quality) Two new designs sketched and charted, bits of new Wichelt Imports needlework fabric sorted and a few chapters 
read in GRRM's  A Dance With Dragons.

Now its wine and The Big Bang Theory marathon. 

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  1. hehe!! **TOLD** You!! -- Welcome to *MY* World!!

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, SWEETIE!! *hugs*!! :-D


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